Packing On Your Own vs Hiring Local Movers

Let’s face it, moving days are never easy. After all, no one looks forward to packing all the stuff they own and lifting heavy boxes in and out of the truck, up and downstairs, and driving it to the new location. However, moving day doesn’t have to be completely chaotic, either. All it takes is a little planning and forethought to make this important day run smoothly and stress-free for both you and your family. When it comes to moving, the most important question of all the questions is should you pack on your own or hire local packers and movers. Meaning that numerous factors will influence your decision to pack by yourself or to hire professional packers and movers. 

Many people consider hiring local movers who can assist them in packing, lifting, and transiting valuable household or office items without causing any damage. However, many of them hire local packers and movers only for moving service and do the packing chore on their own to save those extra dollars. If you are thinking about packing by yourself, we would advise you to think twice-it is not an easy job and not everyone can do it.

You might even think that packing up all your belongings, getting them into the rental or borrowed truck, and moving them safely to your new home or office might be something you can easily accomplish yourself or with the help of a few good friends or neighborhoods. However, that’s not the case. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re making that big decision. Packing and moving is a stressful experience that stretches across days, weeks, and even months. Maybe some of you are thinking that it can’t be that hard and that you don’t have that much stuff. But believe me, you do, and just think about the fact that you would have to pack, load, unload and unpack all of your belongings by yourself. Of course, many people want to save some money for example, so they choose not to hire professional packers and movers. But you need to be aware, that, among all those expensive moving companies, there are still some affordable movers. Easy Move is one of them for sure! So, both self-packing and packing by professional affordable movers have their pros and cons, it is up to you to decide what is the better option for your upcoming local move. 


The first thing you should think about is the amount of final moving and packing costs. As many people have limited budgets for moving, therefore, for packing also. So, if you have to save some money, self-packing is the option for you, but it will take you time and energy. And probably more than you can even imagine. We often say that we are not aware of how many things we have until we start packing. Also, you need to be aware that in this case, you will have to buy all the packing supplies by yourself, so in our professional opinion, you wouldn’t even save that much money. So, yes, choosing to self-pack can save you some money for sure, but will require extra time, effort, and a lot of hard preparation. As we have already said, you will be in charge of buying packing and moving supplies (like boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing paper, tape, etc.), renting a moving truck, and enlisting help with heavy lifting. If you think better, by buying all this stuff, you won’t even save as much money as you have expected.

Anyone who has ever moved knows how slow and tedious packing up a home, office, or even storage can be. Items needed for packing include cardboard boxes, plastic bins, plastic wrap, moving blankets, packing tape, labels, and other various moving supplies and equipment. Of course, the more there is to pack, the longer the packing process will take. Packing yourself up will mean setting a packing schedule and using the utmost caution when boxing up fragile glassware, valuable items, and other belongings that are prone to breaking. Packing requires proper techniques, professional skills, and the right materials for the safety of your belongings. Of course, you can pack your belongings after reading online guides and packing tips, but still, there is a chance of losing items because you don’t have any experience while professional movers do. Believe it or not, some furniture needs to disassemble so that you can pack and move them easily. This requires proper skills with the necessary tools. Plus, there are the right ways to wrap your heavy items using pads and blankets. If you don’t do it properly, then it could cause damage to the furniture. That’s why it is always good to hire local movers- Easy move, for such complicated chores. Our packers and furniture movers are professionals who know how to handle packing like a pro.

The other problem with packing and moving by yourself is transportation. Do you have a truck or you are planning to borrow it from a friend? Or neither of these two, so you need to rent a truck? Is renting a truck convenient and do you really save that much money? From people’s experience, we would say NO. Many people think that the DIY move is much cheaper than hiring a local furniture moving company, but in the end, it’s only a little bit cheaper. When you rent a truck, pay for gas, and pay for the packing material, you won’t save that much as you first expected.

If you don’t have too many belongings to move, the situation is quite simple. You will probably be able to manage the relocation by yourself or with a help of a few friends. If you’re doing your own packing, we recommend starting about a month before your upcoming move. Pack stuff you won’t need during that last week to give yourself a head start. Yet, if you have too many heavy items such as furniture, that’s a different story. You will surely be going to need help from the best local movers-Easy Move. If you’re hiring professional furniture movers, they’ll most likely be scheduled to arrive the day before your move. They can do everything for you, so you can just sit and relax, or you can hire them only for some part of the moving process. But we will talk about that later.

We can all agree that home relocation is a time-consuming process because you have to pack your old property, prepare the new one, transfer the utilities, change the address, and maybe find the new school for your kids. This makes the entire moving and packing process a laborious burden for those who have tight schedules. So, why waste your time on self-packing when you have so many more important things to do? Why not hire professional affordable movers- Easy Move, to save your precious time?


So, if after all, you do decide to hire some affordable movers, there are also a few things you should know. There is more than one option when hiring local packers and movers, and you can choose the one that fits you the best. Usually, money is the main issue when hiring professional packers and movers. So when we are talking about the cost, this is usually the first thing you are thinking of when it comes to which service you should use. Service costs vary a lot depending on the company, season, or distance. And you can also save money by doing some work yourself, picking the right dates, and thinning out your possessions (by getting rid of the stuff you don’t use or making some charity donations).

So, as we have already said, there is more than one option when hiring professional packers and movers. You can hire us for a full packing service, and that is an option for you if you’re in a hurry but you are ready to prepare some extra money. Or if you just want to let professional local movers do their job and make this experience completely stress-free for you. When you hire full-service packers and movers, they take care of everything – from packing all of your belongings and loading them onto the truck to driving them to your new location and unloading your shipment. They will even disassemble and reassemble your furniture. You don’t even have to lift a finger. At Easy Move our professional furniture movers will disassemble all the big items and assemble them back when unpacking. Our professional packers and movers are trained in the art of packing a moving box. Professional furniture movers will typically walk through the home with the customer before the packing begins in order to assess what does and does not need to be included in the packing process. Once the packing starts, our packers and movers will assemble all moving boxes and carefully box up belongings throughout the home. While it’s not exactly heavy lifting, the biggest time-suck in relocation is exactly the process of packing the small stuff into the boxes. If you’re in a rush or just have a few items you want to be handled with special care, hiring professional packers and movers to pack your smaller items into boxes or reusable containers can be a great way to save time and ensure that your belongings are well-protected and ready for transfer. Whether you choose to hire a crew to pack all of your items, or just a few, you’ll find that with the hours you gain back, it’s money well-spent. At Easy Move, we charge by the hour, and as soon as we come we will provide you with a time estimate. Before all that, you should just call our local movers and get your free moving quote!

Besides, if your budget is tight, and you can’t afford full service, you can hire local movers just for packing, and move everything by yourself. Or you can hire them just for moving, and you can pack your belongings by yourself. Or you can even hire them to pack some of your belongings. At Easy Move, we are really flexible and we are offering more than one choice for you.

The important thing is to make a decision that’ll best suit your needs when it comes to the moving and packing method. We know that deciding between self-packing, full packing, or partial packing service isn’t easy, but we will try to make this decision easier for you. Of course, the final decision is up to you. Take into consideration everything we wrote in this blog and we are sure you will make the right decision. If you decide to go with professional packers and movers- Easy Move is at your service. We will make the packing process looks as easy and stress-free as possible.

After everything is said and done, only you can decide whether you will choose self-packing or professional packers and movers. What usually happens is people weigh out all the pros and cons of both of these options and decide what to do. And, more often than not, the price ends up being the deciding factor. If you have enough money to finance professional packers and movers, and you want to save your time, it’s quite obvious what you will do. On the other hand, if you don’t mind putting in your time and effort and keeping your privacy, then you will most likely opt for self-packing. In the end, all we can do is wish you good luck, no matter which one of these you end up choosing. This is an important project that needs to be approached with care and caution.

Of course, If you ask us- affordable movers, we would definitely recommend full packing services as the best option if you are short on the time required to pack your entire home, or if you have an especially large shipment. Also, if you just want your upcoming move to be stress-free during the whole time, local packers and movers and full-packing service is the right choice for you. Call Easy Move-professional packers and movers and get your free moving quote today! There are indeed many good reasons to hire our professional packers and movers – you will avoid unnecessary risks, you will save yourself plenty of time and effort, and you will ensure your peace of mind. Call Easy move today and get your affordable movers today!