Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Local Moving Company

Turning your home upside down, spending days on the dreadful task of packing, loading everything onto a truck and then repeating the same process by unloading and unpacking is on nobody’s list of fun activities. Add the challenges of organizing everything, and that one dresser you wish you could just teleport and you might think of your move as the worst day ever. In reality, your move should represent a new exciting beginning of a new chapter in your life.
Hiring a local moving company will lift the weight (literally) off your shoulders and make your move everything but frustrating and distressing, as it should be.
Allow us to save you the havoc on your stress levels with 7 stress-savers only a team of professional movers can prove you. 

  1. Saving money in the long run

The biggest reason most people hesitate to hire movers, is the cost. Hiring movers is oftentimes not one of life’s necessities, but leaving all of the heavy lifting to a team of professional movers may save you some money.
First, put the cost of relocating everything you own on a piece of paper, and then compare it to the cost of hiring professionals to do the job for you. It might surprise you how affordable it can be to save your time and energy. When self-planning your move, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and this can cost you much more than you budgeted for. Underestimating the number of trips it will take, the amount of packing materials, and truck costs are just a small number of things that can cut deeper into your budget than you’ve intended to. Professional movers are also less likely to wreck or lose your belongings, and this can also add up to the final cost of your move.

  1. Time is money

Orchestrating a well-planned move can take weeks. Other than the important things that need to be done before the actual move, the most time-consuming aspect of it all is definitely the hassle of carefully packing, transporting and then repeating the process again with hundreds of pounds of sentimental value. Professional movers can save you time by carefully planning and executing the whole move with one phone call, leaving you with only the more important tasks related to your move. Maybe your need to set up cable and utility service, or working on making your new place more move-in friendly. Letting professional movers take the exhausting task of executing your move off your back can free generous amounts of time for these other tasks that might need your full attention. 

  1. Property in the hands of an insured moving company

Your insurance may not cover damage to your own belongings while transporting them to your new home on your own. Even worse, there is always the risk of potentially injuring yourself or the people offering you a helping hand during your DIY move. Being prepared with suitable muscle and current tools when moving and lifting anything, let alone heavy dressers and washing machines. When hiring a reliable professional moving company, their movers and the items they handle are covered by their insurance. Their reputation is on the line, so be sure that their main goal is to protect everything they move.

  1. The right equipment

The only thing that might be worse than moving your entire bedroom set down three flights of stairs might be the realization that you don’t even have the proper tools to disassemble it. Other than providing you with a crew of strong guys that look like they could probably lift your whole house with the shell if they really tried to, professional moving companies will provide you with the necessary tools and equipment needed to execute everything smoothly from start to finish.
Along with their packing skills, your movers will also bring shrink wrap and blankets to protect all of your belongings. Even in the most difficult situations, your professional movers will whip out the correct equipment and materials to smooth out any wrinkles during your moving day. You won’t have to worry for a second how you’ll need to gather dollies, blankets and other items you’re probably going to use once in your lifetime anyway.

  1. Packing assistance

By far one of the biggest perks to a moving company, packing assistance is a service that nowadays many companies will offer along with their moving services. Packing all of your items into boxes is certainly a simple task when looking at it objectively, but it’s a heck of a daunting one as well. Hiring a team of professional movers to wrap and pack all of your items while you’re online shopping for new rugs and curtains seems like a much more fun way to spend your day. In addition, incorrect packing can lead to broken or damaged valuables. Movers are professionally trained packers and know how to prepare and store every single item you can possibly think of. Professional moving companies are also equipped with the right packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape, etc.

  1. Friendly customer service

Hiring professional movers will provide you with trained customer service that will help sort out any doubts and queries you might have about your upcoming move. The customer service professional moving companies will provide you with is exceptional support that will be available for you every step of the way, at any time you need. Your moving coordinator will be ready to answer all your questions regarding moving, packing, delivery, unpacking, and other questions regarding the process itself. Moving can always be a much more pleasant experience when you’ve hired a white glove moving company for help. Professional moves will insure you have a smooth, stress-free move at a reasonable price. 

  1. Peace of mind

Settling into a new place can be just as frightening as getting everything moved there. Hunting down your boxes for your toothbrush or pillows is probably the last thing on your mind once your move is finished. The quicker you unpack your necessary items, the quicker your new place will start feeling like home and you can actually enjoy it. Getting rid of this problem with experienced movers can make your new home actually feel like home in a fraction of the time. We operate with high ethics, communicate with our customers openly and have a professional inventory system that will make your move seem like the most seamless experience known to mankind. We aim at giving quality service and peace of mind, so you can relax, worry-free, knowing that capable people are handling your move.