1 When should I book my movers?

Booking your movers should definitely be done as soon as you figure out the exact date you wish to move on. There are no guarantees that the moving company you’ve chosen will have the availability for your preferred moving date unless you reserve your spot ahead of time. So, once you’ve decided when you are going to be moving, you should give your movers a call as well.

2How many movers should I hire?

The quantity of movers needed to perform your move is completely individual. It depends on your move size, the weight of your items, if there are any delicate pieces of furniture that will be moved, etc. Your moving coordinator will recommend the appropriate number of movers for your move size. Keep in mind that having an additional mover on your moving day might result in a higher rate, but will shorten your move immensely.

3 How do movers charge?

Most local moving companies offer hourly rates, with a minimum number of hours that will be charged regardless of the time it took to finish up the move. Some moving companies will prorate time after the minimum number of hours. The total cost of your move is based on the time it required to be completed.

4 Will movers pack for you?

Most professional moving companies will offer professional packing assistance as well. Saving you countless hours you would spend packing, and relieving you from the worry if all of your items are packed correctly, leaving the packing portion of your move to your professional movers is also a great option to have. However, keep in mind that packing supplies such as boxes, dish packs and bubble wrap are usually charged separately, so make sure to always double check this piece of information.

5 When do movers start charging?

Some professional local moving companies have all-inclusive rates, which means that everything is already included in your rate once you have received your quote. Once your movers arrive at the starting location, the clock will start. As soon as they finish settling you into your new home, the clock will stop.

6 How much do movers charge per hour?

Other than this being individual for most companies, how much you will be charged also depends on a number of factors such as the size of your move, how many movers will be needed to relocate you etc. The best way to get a clear idea of how much you would potentially be charged by hour is to call your local moving company and request a quote from them.

7 How do movers pack clothing?

Some moving companies will provide you with wardrobe boxes free of charge during your move, and this is the safest way to move your clothing in case you haven’t pre-packed them before your move. Having your clothing transported in wardrobe boxes eliminates the risk of anything getting lost or potentially damaged or dirty before arriving to the destination.

8 Are movers more expensive during the weekends?

This is also completely individual and the best way to find out this piece of information is to ask your moving company if there is a difference in weekday and weekend rates. If there is a chance you could save money by pushing your moving day forward or back a couple of days, it’s best to find our before your moving day.

9 Can movers hold your stuff overnight?

Professional moving companies can often hold your items overnight, but keep in mind that you will be charged with an overnight fee. It’s also very important to find a reliable moving company to trust your items with, so keep this in mind when searching for the best local moving company for you.

10 Will movers disassemble my furniture?

Disassembling your furniture by yourself before your move might save you time during the move, but most professional moving companies do include disassembly and reassembly in their rates. It’s also best to leave this to a team that was professionally trained to do so, to minimize the risk of losing any pieces you might need later on or possibly damaging your items .

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