Local Moving

A local move can quite often appear to be an easy task at first, but in reality, you’ll be in the need of people who can navigate the street, dedicated to working flexibly and efficiently.
Effectiveness is key – and this is what Easy Move can offer you. Over our years’ worth of hard work and dedication, we have earned the reputation of one of the most reliable local movers out there. Each of our moving services is a streamlined quality experience, tying the right equipment, skilled team members and outstanding customer service together to deliver impeccable service to you.
We offer professional packing options, screened and trained movers, necessary insurance and requirements for your building managements, a team that is trained in the art of wrapping your appliances and valuables and more. Nothing will be missing on your moving day, and you will be left with a worry-free move, wondering how that can even be possible. We are transparent and open about everything we do, and we always make sure that you are informed about any step that is taken.
Even though local moving might seem simpler at first glance, we have learned though years of experience that every relocation is unique. Our familiarity with the city is unmatched, making sure that your move never lasts longer than necessary. With our local moving services, you will find the middle ground between overly expensive and suspiciously cheap moving services, as we always strive to be competitive but never jeopardize the quality of the service provided. The transparency we offer matters more than you think, and it is the only way we go about every local move. Laying out a transparent, mapped out plan targeting your individual move is exactly what you get with Easy Move. Most importantly, our impeccable professionalism differentiates us from just about every other company on the market. We aim to satisfy all of your relocation needs with a high dose of professionalism at an affordable rate. Not every move can be tedious, especially with Easy Move.

Commercial Moving

Easy Move also takes pride in the years of experience in commercial moving serving businesses in the San Francisco area. Our time of dedicated commercial moving specialists know what is takes to make your office move a seamless endeavor, as if it were our own. We take into complete consideration that every day that your business isn’t able to operate in its new location means money loss on your end, therefore we always strive to act accordingly in commercial moving situations. Speedy service with minimum downtime, and working as diligently as possible when relocating your office, makes us one of San Francisco’s top picks for commercial relocation. Moving your business is a tedious, stress inducing project, but with Easy Move, you can rest assured that your office will be welcomed to its new home with no bumps in the way. When working with our commercial movers, you really have nothing to worry about, we will always have everything under complete control. Other than moving you from one point, to the other, we can also assist you with the tedious task of packing up your paperwork and other office knick-knacks. Packing everything while keeping its absolute protection in mind is our priority, and our movers are always trained to put your belongings first. They know how to wrap and pack to make sure everything arrives to its destination intact. You don’t even have to spend a minute making a mess in your office with packing, just give us a call and we will handle everything for you.

Residental Moving

Moving into a house, condo, townhouse or high-rise? Don’t let your residential move get in the way of your day-to-day.
Turning your household move from a stress-inducing event, to a seamless, exciting endeavor is definitely not a myth. With Easy Move, it’s not even a possibility – but a guarantee. Whichever type of home you are moving from and to, Easy Move is prepared to tackle any possible challenge your residential move may bring. We’re positive that we are prepared for any challenging task involving your relocation, and we will make sure every aspect of your move is properly taken care of. From packing and unpacking your belongings, your signing up for a expert team that will also disassemble and assemble your items like its nothing at all. And with our experience, it really isn’t. If you’re worried about proper wrapping and protecting your items during the move, this comes without saying as well. You can also throw away your packing supply worries, as you can be sure that we will bring more than enough and beyond that to make sure there are no unnecessary bumps in the road when the smoothness of your move is on the line. We work around the clock to improve ourselves and become your first choice for residential moving needs in San Francisco. Our experiences staff will take the time to thoroughly explain our services, and understand your unique relocation needs. We guarantee a strict timeline and will arrange everything according to your own needs. Even in unpredictable situations, we are ready to operate, so even in the case of last-minute moves, Easy Move always has your back.

Apartment Moving

With Easy Move, it doesn’t really matter if your moving to or from an apartment, condo or high rise. You’ll always be on the receiving end of the best apartment moving experience. With years of experience in apartment moving, we are ready to deliver supreme apartment moving services. When hiring our team of expert movers, you’re getting trained movers trained to handle narrow hallways and long stairways like nobody’s business. Most properties have specific requirements that need to be respected on your moving day. This can include reserving the properties service elevator, a specific time slot during the day, and sometimes your building management may require a certificate of insurance. Easy Move has encountered almost every possible situation related to apartment moving, and having complete understanding of these situations will definitely ensure your move is dealt with in the smoothest possible manner.

Labor Moving

Rearranging your house and inter-office moving tasks are never a problem with Easy Move. Offering a helping hand while you enjoy your home or office, we will take away the possibility of back or headache on your end caused by heavy lifting of your appliances or large furniture. The only task on your end would be to give us the details of what needs to be done and we will happily take it from there. Our team will execute every small detail as instructed and make sure the job is done correctly. Working together and making you home the way you imagined it is the only way we operate.

Storage In and Out

Moving in or out of your storage unit can be just as difficult as moving from a home. It also comes with different obstacles that need to be taken into account in order to successfully execute your storage move. A moving truck will still need to be loaded and unloaded, and you’ll often be faced with long hallways and elevators at your storage facility. Its also important to make the best possible usage of your storage space possible. One way to eliminate this burden is to hire professional movers with experience with packing your storage space or truck efficiently, saving you both time and money at the end of the day. Our movers are properly trained to pack your belongings in a careful matter that ensures their safety while they are in storage, and also make the most efficient possible usage of your space.

Packing Service

There is absolutely no doubt that there is any moving-related task that can make your headache amplify as much as packing. Not only is it complicating and stressful – it’s also more time consuming than any other aspect of moving. Packing is also the most important part, as it can drastically affect the state your belongings arrive in at their destination. Easy Move takes pride in providing their customers with well organized, affordable, speedy packing services. Equipped with years of experience and rigorous training, top of the line equipment and only the best packing materials, we’ve studied the art of packing and unpacking and turned it into just that – a piece of art. No matter the size of your items, antique or fragile, they will all be handled, wrapped, packed and loaded in the safest manner known to mankind. Paying attention to detail and delicately navigating through the process of packing, is the only way we turn this seemingly difficult task into a non-existent problem.

Loading and unloading

Not only is moving stressful and expensive, it can often be incredibly dangerous. Heavy lifting, carrying and loading appliances and other heavy furniture are just a number of actions that can lead to a lot of strain and sometimes even serious injuries. We’re completely prepared to help you carry the burden, and let you let us do all the carrying ourselves. We’ve designed our loading and unloading services to help you with one of the most hazardous aspects of moving. There is most definitely a reason our movers went through rigorous training, and the most important one of all is to avoid al kinds of moving injuries that lurk during the process of relocation. One thing that prevails over success is most definitely safety. Staying safe during heavy lifting can oftentimes be difficult and you can sometimes be one step away from a serious injury that can be avoided. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy your new beginnings, as it’s in everyone’s best interest to eliminate any possible moving injury.